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Strike Three: Goose Island Wrigleyville Brewpub Shutters—For Real This Time

The Clark Street outpost shuttered in 2014 and reopened for one last baseball season in 2015.

Goose Island Wrigleyville
Goose Island Wrigleyville

It turns out that the 2015 Cubs season was not only the last hurrah for infielder Starlin Castro—it was also the last hurrah for the Goose Island Wrigleyville brewpub. The Clark Street outpost of the Chicago beer company shuttered after the baseball season and won't reopen for 2016, its website says and a rep confirms, after ownership announced its shutter in September 2014 due to a lease dispute and it unexpectedly reopened in March 2015 after negotiating another year.

Owner John Hall said last September that the lease dispute was due to the landlord hoping to replace the building with a multi-faceted apartment, retail and parking lot development. DNAinfo is reporting that the brewpub's additional year open was negotiated when that development hit construction delays, now named Addison Park on Clark, which will add more condos and new storefronts to the changing Wrigleyville landscape.

While Goose Island has a history of dramatics with lease disputes and near-shutters at its locations, this one appears to be the real deal. The brewpub was open for 17 years at 3535 N. Clark St., but at least Goose Island now supplies much of the beer inside Wrigley Field itself.