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Eater Chicago's Top Posts of 2015

Climb into Eater Chicago's special DeLorean and travel through time to revisit the year.

Au Cheval's infamous burger
Au Cheval's infamous burger
Nick Fochtman
Ashok Selvam is the editor of Eater Chicago and a native Chicagoan armed with more than two decades of award-winning journalism. Now covering the world of restaurants and food, his nut graphs are super nutty.

Take a deep breath, Chicago, 2015's final days are here so it's time to reminisce and take a look at Eater Chicago's top posts of the year. Read through plenty of useful guides and news posts. Do these stories best represent Chicago's dining year? Feel free to leave your favorite Chicago dining moment in the comments.

classic chicago year end

[Photo: Eater Chicago]

25 Classic Restaurants Every Chicagoan Must Try

While Chicago embraces modern dining, it's always great to give the city's classic establishments the homage they deserve. These spots represented an eclectic list that will never go out of style.

Donald Trump

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Donald Trump Dumped as 5 Rabbit Severs Links with Trump Tower

GOP presidential candidate Trump managed to sneak his way into a variety of media outlets, including Eater Chicago. His disparaging remarks about Mexicans angered the Latino beer makers behind 5 Rabbit Cerveciería, who no longer make their special brew for Trump Tower.


[Photo: Marc Much]

21 Outstanding Coffee Shops In Chicago

Chicago's coffee scene continues to grow, with great brands including Intelligentsia and Metropolis. No matter what neighborhood, check out this list to find the best java in your area.

Cantina 1910

[Photo: Marc Much]

Where to Eat Brunch in Chicago Right Now

No matter if brunchers seek a cup of joe and side of dough or something more sophisticated, Chicago is the city of broad brunch choices. Find the most sizzling spots in the city here.


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Philippine's Largest Fast-Food Chain Jollibee Plans Suburban Chicago Spot

Chicago's Filipino community is among the largest outside of the Philippines, and when news hit that the country's largest and most popular fast-food chain had their sights set on the suburbs, social media erupted. There's no update on the restaurant's progress, but there are plenty of folks in Chicago jonesing for a taste of Filipino spaghetti.

Au cheval burger Nick Fochtman/Eater Chicago

[Photo: Nick Fochtman]

Why People Wait for Hours to Eat Au Cheval's Cheeseburger

Call this the tale of the fellowship of the burger, as Eater Chicago's Brett Hickman gave readers an inside look on how staff at West Loop's Au Cheval created their über-popular burger. Brendan Sodikoff is capitalizing on its popularity, as the opening of Small Cheval began his efforts in giving Chicagoans more places to buy the burger.


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15 Chicago Restaurants With Top Views of the Windy City

Chicago's world-renowned architecture provides residents and visitors with dining rooms that capture some of the best views of the skyline. Don't fear heights, and browse this list to find your favorite view.

Classics Chicago collage

[Photo: Eater Chicago]

Chicago's 25 Most Iconic Food Dishes

No, this list doesn't include Garrett's popcorn, so stop pleading for the Chicago Mix's inclusion. We love it as much as the next, but this list of the city's most famous food items includes dishes prepared in restaurant kitchens, provoking an argument or two on social media.

maple ash

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Chicago's 12 Most Anticipated Summer Restaurant and Bar Openings of 2015

Yes, anything related to summer perks Chicagoans up, as once temperatures dip, everyone's longing for warmer weather and the sun. Unfortunately, and we're not singling anyone out, four spots have yet to open their doors. Maybe next year?

Nuevo leon Nuevo León

[Photo: Nuevo Leon]

15 of the Greatest Taco Spots in Chicago

Tacos aren't just for Tuesdays, and are a great way to instigate arguments via social media. Chicago is no doubt a taco town, so peruse this list for some of the city's best, and the fact that Nuevo Leon is on this list shows how badly this city misses the Mexican spot that burned down in 2015.


[Photo: Facebook]

Anthony Bourdain Calls Chicago Deep Dish Pizza 'An Abomination'

Few cities are as protective over signature food items as Chicago is with deep-dish pizza. And when an outsider like Bourdain (from New York, even!) delivers a criticism like a professional troll, this city isn't going to be happy.


[Photo: Michelin]

Michelin Reveals Chicago's 2016 Bib Gourmand List

Chicago delivers a great value for budget-conscious diners, and Michelin recognized this with the 58 spots that earned Bib Gourmand awards. Name a city with a better list of spots that won't empty your bank account. You can't.

north pond Facebook/North Pond

[Photo: Facebook]

19 Great Waterfront Spots For a Meal or Drink in Chicago

Take advantage of Lake Michigan and the Chicago River with this list of the most scenic spots in Chicago. There's fine dining and beach dives to discover along the waterfront.


[Photo: Levy Restaurants]

What to Eat at Chicago's Wrigley Field, 2015 Edition

The Cubs' renaissance over the 2015 season led to increased attendance at Clark and Addison, which meant concession sales raked like Anthony Rizzo at the plate. Cubs fans want better than a flat beer and a cold hot dog.

The 16 Essential Hot Dogs in Chicago

Fatsos Hotdogs

[Photo: Facebook]

The venerable Chicago-style hot dog with all the trimmings (no ketchup) is an institution, but there's more to this wiener world. Chefs have also provided their own interpretations, so check out the list.