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Critics Think Bar Marta is a Pleasing Winter Hideout; More

Plus Wyler Road's stellar sandwiches make it a special neighborhood cafe.

Bar Marta
Bar Marta

Bar Marta impresses Michael Nagrant with fare "worth seeking out." The new Humboldt Park restaurant form Hogsalt vets hits all the right notes on a cacio e pepe dish featuring housemade spaghetti dripping with pecorino and black pepper, which is so good that Nagrant "[doubts] there's a better version served in Rome." An "inspired" iceberg and grains salad "[pushes] the envelope" by reimagining the classic wedge salad while "silky" ravioli are stuffed with mascarpone, chives and king crab in an uni butter sauce.

A "moist" banana cake for dessert is inspired by a dark and stormy cocktail and topped with candied lime-spiked ginger, wispy curls of dehydrated banana and vanilla ice cream. Nagrant's favorite drink on the menu is a glass of 2008 La Stoppa Malvasia di Candia Ageno, which he calls a "mind-blowing pour full of honey and orange notes complemented by a touch of shellac and barnyard funk." [RedEye]

Amy Cavanaugh also has a memorable experience at Bar Marta and thinks it's the "ideal place to ride out the cold winter." The "umami-laden" Caesar salad—"piled high" with anchovy dressing-slicked lettuce, shaved Parmesan and bonito flakes—is "one of the best" she's ever had, while other hits include a "beautifully roasted" chicken, "pillowy" cheese gnocchi and a caramel-topped banana rum cake. The "approachable" drink list features an "elegant" cognac-orgeat Japanese concoction as well as hard-to-find orange wines. [TOC]

Wyler Road "isn't your typical sandwich joint." The Logan Square café's special sandwiches take it "to the next level" and include a "really good" veal heart Philly cheesesteak and a smoked salmon sandwich with an "excellent" combination of flavors. Other highlights such as a fried clam belly sandwich and a "quality," very simple roast beef along with "great service and a higher degree of cleanliness" help make Wyler Road a place everyone can enjoy. [The Infatuation]

Wyler Road

3581 West Belden Avenue, , IL 60647 (773) 661-0675 Visit Website

Bar Marta

2700 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622