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Chef Diana Davila OUT at Cantina 1910 After Three Months In

One of Chicago's best new restaurants needs a new chef.

Cantina 1910
Cantina 1910
Marc Much

A chef change and upper kitchen overhaul has struck one of the most critically-acclaimed restaurant openings of the year. Chef Diana Davila, as well as chef de cuisine Aaron Covert and executive sous chef Alison Denton, left Cantina 1910 yesterday, the Reader's Mike Sula reports. The multi-pronged, progressive, farm-to-table Mexican restaurant opened just three months ago in Andersonville.

Cantina 1910's reps have not yet responded to an inquiry for more information, but Sula reports that pastry chef Andrew Pingul is running the kitchen while ownership looks for a new chef. Davila is also looking for a new job, so stay tuned to see where she lands.

Davila, along with the ownership she reportedly has an impasse with, gave Chicagoans one of the most fascinating Mexican concepts in recent memory, although some Yelpers don't agree. The seasonal menu will stay the same through the winter.

UPDATE: Cantina 1910 reps shared the following statement addressing Davila's exit:

Chef Diana Davila and Cantina 1910 have parted ways in the interest of continuing the restaurant's mission to provide their highly regarded regionally-sourced Mexican cuisine. Owners Mark Robertson and Mike Sullivan, and the entire Cantina 1910 staff, appreciate Diana's efforts and collaboration in helping realize their vision of creating an innovative and authentic menu.

Cantina 1910's menu and concept will remain the same, and Robertson and Sullivan are confident that all current and future staff will continue to develop their vision for the restaurant. They are in conversations with potential replacements from across the country while Chef Andrew Pingul assists in the every day operation of the kitchen.

The restaurant maintains a large kitchen staff that all worked under Diana and helped to develop the menu, including two sous chefs, assistant pastry chef, line cooks, and kitchen manager, all currently operating under Chef Pingul.