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Thai Dang Reveals Renderings, Design Details on Forthcoming Haisous

The Dangs have been busy since their departure from Embeya.

A rendering of Haisous.
A rendering of Haisous.
Den of Lions Design/Facebook

Thai Dang's been busy since April when the acclaimed chef departed Embeya. While he still won't disclose the location or opening timeframe for his new Vietnamese restaurant, Haisous, he's revealed a rendering and a few more details. His wife, Danielle Dang, will serve as the beverage director, and she's also applying her design skills on the restaurant's interior.

"We also sourced everything from my family in Vietnam, from tables to chairs to barware," Thai Dang explained via email. "The restaurant is both chic and casual and is a direct representation of who we are. We have lots of other pictures and plans to share in the coming months as we work towards the build out."

There will be an eight-seat chef's counter, and Dang mentioned the dining room's soft lighting and warm tones. They're awaiting word on permits before releasing the location. Patience has been key for the Dangs, who previewed the cuisine in May at a pop-up at Belly Q/Urban Belly in the West Loop.

Danielle Dang, who worked as a bartender at Embeya, earlier this year opened Den of Lions Design and she's taken on the Haisous project. A company owned by Dang's family in Vietnam built the stools and tables, Dang wrote. Stay tuned for more on Dang's comeback.