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Vettel Says Cochon Volant Revives French in the Loop; Critics Enjoying Gus's; More

Plus Crain's says luxury at The Hampton Social costs a pretty penny.

Nick Fochtman

Cochon Volant successfully brings back casual French dining to the Loop according to Phil Vettel. The menu features two "killer" recipes: chicken-liver mousse "smooth enough to drink through a straw" and a pork pate de champagne with "terrific mustard" and "good" bread. "Very good" moules frites swim in a "yummy" broth and are accompanied by "excellent" fries while "very tasty" charbroiled oysters are a hidden treat. Larger entrees include dry-aged steak and a duck dish that's "hearty without being overwhelming." For dessert, there's a good version of crème brulee to go along with other "capably rendered" classics. [Tribune]

Despite the recent influx of fried chicken spots in Chicago, Gus's World Famous still manages to make an impression on Amy Cavanaugh. Fried green tomatoes are a "terrific starter" but the "too soft" mac and cheese misses the mark. The chicken features a "light, thin exterior that shatters" with heat that "gently sneaks up on you." Breasts are also "surprisingly juicy and flavorful." Capping it off is a chess pie for dessert that's "sweet without being cloying." [TOC]

Sam Faye shows Gus's some love as well, calling it "legit." Fried pickles are "great" but the fried green tomatoes are even better. The chicken has "crispy skin and has a cayenne kick, which is noticeable but not overwhelming." Regardless of whether or not you enjoy a bit of spice in your chicken, Faye says "there's no denying it's good." Other items on the menu include a "rather mushy" mac and cheese and a variety of pies that are "all good." [The Infatuation]

The Hampton Social offers elegance and luxury but it comes with a high price tag. Graham Meyer checks out the new River North restaurant and finds plenty of hits and misses. Lobster mac and cheese is undone by a "tide of cheddar [that] overwhelms the subtle, scarce shellfish" while a "good-but-not-$16-good" grilled grouper sandwich is placed in an "overmatched" potato bun. On the plus side, tuna tartare "conjures the tuna poke you might eat to finish a day of surfing Waikiki" and a dish of "racquetball-size" scallops "justifies its price tag." In the end, Meyer says you'll feel as though you're on vacation but cautions of the "credit card bill that follows." [Crain's]

Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken

847 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607 (312) 733-1971

Cochon Volant

100 W Monroe St, Chicago, IL 60603 (312) 754-6560 Visit Website


851 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60622 (312) 624-8509 Visit Website

The Hampton Social

9101 International Drive, , FL 32819 (689) 800-6760 Visit Website