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'Anything Goes': Achatz & Kokonas Crowdsourcing Roister Music Via Spotify

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If they pick your song, they'll buy you a drink.

Ashok Selvam

Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas seem serious about the communal aspect of Roister, their not-ready-to-open restaurant that's to feature loud music shared by tables bunched close together. Now management's asking patrons to contribute to Roister's playlist, asking for songs via Spotify.

"We'll take care of the food and beverage.
We'd love some help with the vibe.
Submit your favorite tunes below.
Anything goes — we'd like to hear what music puts you in a great mood."

This presents a radical departure from Alinea and Next, and shouldn't be a surprise as those two have said Roister —which occupies the former iNG space on Fulton Market— would be a radical departure from their existing restaurants. Alinea doesn't have music, and Next has some Japanese and Thai tunes, but very little. Kokonas wrote this in an email:

"Well we just thought this would be a fun idea. We all have such different tastes in music which is great...but we also thought about how much is out there that we don't know about. So we are going to get suggestions from our team as well...but thought it would be even more interesting to get a broad range of great feel-good music from our patrons. It may work, it may not... but it's interesting either way."

Kokonas does have a Spotify profile. If Achatz has one, it isn't readily found. What music would you want to hear at Roister? Sound off, literally, in the comments. And no, there's no update on when the restaurant will open. But if a song contributor has their music selected for the Roister playlist, management writes that they'll buy them a drink—whenever it opens.

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