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Read All 90+ Dishes on the Latinicity Menus, Opening Thursday In The Loop

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Chefs Richard Sandoval and Jose Garces put together many many Latin food items inside the long-awaited food hall in Block 37 shops.

Sarah Joyce

Four tortas. Four Latin-style sushis. Five grilled meats. Five tacos. Nine seafood dishes. Three burgers and three hot dogs.

That's just a sampling of the food that will be available tomorrow when Latinicity, the long-awaited massive Latin food hall, opens in the Block 37 urban mall on State Street in the Loop. With 12 food stalls, a full restaurant, retail store, lounge and full bar, the possible combinations for the Latin foodstuffs one can eat inside the 22,000 square-foot wonderland are seemingly endless.

But that doesn't mean you can't peruse the many menus and dream up a game plan. Read through all the food menus below, take a photo tour here, and map one out.


108 North State Street, , IL 60602 (312) 795-4444 Visit Website