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Brendan Sodikoff Collaborating With Four Corners on Old Town Steak Spot

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There's no timetable for opening at 1500 N. Wells St.

The site of the Brendon Sodikoff and Four Corners Tavern Group collaboration.
The site of the Brendon Sodikoff and Four Corners Tavern Group collaboration.
Ashok Selvam

Wondering why Four Corners Tavern Group wanted to open a second spot in Old Town, one that could draw attention away from Benchmark, Four Corners' popular bar that also stands on Wells Street? That answer is another chance to work with Brendan Sodikoff. The Hogsalt founder and one of Chicago's most prolific empire-building restaurateurs confirmed the project at 1500 N. Wells St. is a collaboration between himself and Four Corners.

Sodikoff, whose restaurants include Au Cheval and Maude's Liquor Bar, also confirmed that the upcoming restaurant will specialize in steak. That jibes with the name on the restaurant's building permit: "Steak Bar." However, that name is far from official: "You know me and names —we never know until it's on the wall at least twice," Sodikoff said.

This restaurant isn't the first announced collaboration between Sodikoff and Four Corners—and it won't be the last—as he says they're working on a few joint ventures together. One, a Mexican concept in the West Loop, was initially reported in June 2014 and pegged to open this past spring. There's no update on that project's status.

There's no timeframe for an opening on Wells Street either, he added. Four Corners initially said it would open in the first quarter of 2016. Perhaps "Steak Bar" will provide diners another place to order an Au Cheval burger. Stay tuned.

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[Photo: Ashok Selvam]