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Danny's Tavern Stays Alive, As Landlord Changes Mind Over Closure

Looks like they'll repair the old building with the hope of staying open in the long term.

Danny's Tavern
Danny's Tavern
Facebook/Dan Reid
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File this under "the more Bucktown and Wicker Park change, the more it stays the same." Don't blame the yuppies, as Danny's Tavern won't be closing after all. The spot off Damen Avenue on Dickens Avenue dodged a shutter after the creaky building's landlord had a change of heart after hearing public outcry to save the dive. The spot's lasted more than three decades in Bucktown.

Terry Alexander, one of Danny's owners (and a partner in One Off Hospitality), released a statement, saying they'll soon fix up the building and sign a new lease:

"On behalf of my partners Michael Noone & Kevin Stacy and the staff of Danny's, we want to thank everyone for their encouragement and loyalty. We have been humbled by the outpouring of support to keep the Tavern open from friends across the country. If it weren't for folks speaking out about the possible closing, we may have been looking at our final month of business after 26 years. But fortunately our landlord has reached back out to us in response to all of the petitions, blogs, articles in magazines and stories on the internet, and we're currently working towards signing another lease and repairing the roof that is quickly deteriorating. Our goal is to finalize the repair of the building and sign a new lease by the end of the November or early next month so we can all have a Happy Holiday. Let us raise our can of Schlitz to many more years of drinks, dancing and good times at Danny's Tavern."

The landlord had handed Danny's staff an eviction notice, but even then, both parties were hopeful an agreement to save the bar could be made. Alexander bought Danny's in 1989. Michael Dragovich owned the building, DNAinfo pointed out, and his daughter, Jan Dragovich, manages the building. It appears, for now, that soul night and the other dance parties at Danny's are saved.

Danny's Tavern

1951 W Dickens Ave, Chicago, IL 60614 (773) 489-6457