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Kokopelli Shutters In Wicker Park With Voicemail Announcing They 'Suck Ass'

The Tijuana-imported Mexican spot's voicemail also says they "don't know how to pay our bills or take care of customers."

Marc Much

Restaurants close down in Chicago seemingly every week, but a Wicker Park Mexican spot announced its shutter in one of the most unique ways imaginable. If you call Kokopelli, the one-year-old Milwaukee Avenue restaurant born from a Tijuana food truck, you'll hear a voicemail saying it's closed down and a few reasons why, with they "suck ass" being one of them. Do not miss the full transcript below:

"Hey, this is Kokopelli and we don't know how to pay our bills or take care of our customers so we suck ass and had to close down. If you leave a voicemail we won't return it anyway. Have a good day!"

The restaurant opened on Halloween 2014 and endured slow business and tough reviews in its one year in business in Chicago. That's despite its reputation as one of the best Mexican street food spots in the Mexican city of Tijuana, just across the border from California. It's unknown who exactly recorded the voicemail, but the restaurant certainly went out with a bang. A representative, Alfredo Camarena, called and confirmed the closure saying "Kokopelli is no more."


1324 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL (773) 698-7670