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Biograph Diner Taking Over Clarke's Space in Lincoln Park

It's a familiar tune to what happened to Clarke's in Lakeview.

Biograph Diner
Biograph Diner
Daniel Gerzina

Clarke's diner in Lincoln Park won't be reopening, at least under the same name. Instead, it'll get a name matching the neighboring Biograph Theater, the same place known for gangster John Dillinger and the infamous "women in red." The restaurant's now named the Biograph Diner, and should open soon. It passed a city food inspection on Thursday.

The theater's website called the restaurant "a continuation of the previous restaurant, Clarke's, which had been established in 1985." That means a similar 1960s decor, and same American fare. The menu is akin to Clarke's, which closed in August, supposedly for renovations.

clarke's 2

[Photo: Daniel Gerzina]

The Clarke's name appears to be an endangered species, as its Lakeview sibling also closed and reopened under a new name, The Belmont Cafe, over the summer. Clarke's in Hyde Park and Evanston remain open.

Herding guests into a nearby restaurants before or after a play at the theater makes sense. It sounds like that was what the owners of the Mercury Theater had in mind earlier this year after ending their lease with Cullen's. Stay tuned for more.


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Victory Gardens Biograph Theater

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