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Swift & Sons to Include Smaller Seafood Restaurant Inside Fulton Market Steakhouse

Chris Pandel's seafood and sandwiches to highlight the unnamed restaurant's menu.

Swift & Sons
Swift & Sons
Daniel Gerzina

As restaurants in the Fulton Market area prepare for the looming business bonanza that is the Google Building, the Boka and Bristol groups have a secret inside Swift & Sons. Their forthcoming steakhouse in that very building at 1000 W. Fulton—their largest and most expensive restaurant yet—will also house a second restaurant. There's no name yet, but it'll serve chef Chris Pandel's seafood, sandwiches, salads and drinks from lunch through close, at more affordable price points than the main restaurant. Look for them both to open for business around the middle of October.

Pandel's menu will highlight fresh "daily catch" seafood items from around the country prepared in different ways, along with a wedge crab salad, Provencal tuna sandwich, a walleye sandwich and seafood towers. Also expect snacks and starters, a large beer list, and wine and cocktails. The 60-seat space is accessible through a second door in the restaurant's lobby.

Nearly every restaurant in the area is preparing for the Google influx as the neighborhood continues its transformation from factory and warehouse row to a second restaurant row with a slew of office buildings and hotels. To that end, this restaurant-within-a-restaurant should provide the flood of new business with a more affordable lunch, drink, and after-work option from two of Chicago's top restaurant groups and one of its best chefs.


1000 W Fulton, Chicago, IL 60607 (312) 600-9230

Swift & Sons

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