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Bangers & Lace Group Opening Sparrow Bar Next Month In Gold Coast

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They're not doing tiki, but the drink list will feature a lot of rum.

Ashok Selvam

That long-awaited Gold Coast cocktail bar from the group behind Bangers & Lace is slated to open early next month inside the former 12 W. Elm space. Here's the scoop: It's called Sparrow, and it will feature a healthy dose of rum cocktails when it becomes part of the area's makeover that's seen Maple & Ash and Hopsmith pop up in recent months.

"The goal going in was to make the space feel like it's been here forever, to kind of match the building," said Footman Hospitality partner Chris Haisma.

The building was erected in the 1940s, and inside there's a vintage phone booth with a working rotary phone to further that retro feel that will be sure to freak out millennials. The name comes from the building's etchings, which include birds, and it's Footman's sixth project, a portfolio that includes Bangers & Lace, The Betty and The Anthem.

They've spruced the space up by making it brighter. There's a bar with patina green tile and black antique tap handles. Look for 50 to 60 seats, with 22 of them at the bar and a 20-foot light blue couch on the back wall. Don't expect TVs or a dance floor.

sparrow drink

Photo by Nick Fochtman

Haisma stressed they're not doing tiki, despite having a focus on rum. Besides 10 rotating draft beers, there are 10 specialty cocktails with a drink list curated by Pete Vestinos, who handled the beverage program at The Betty. They're not going after that late-night crowd that the neighboring Hangge-Uppe attracts, as Sparrow lacks a 4 a.m. liquor license.

Haisma and Co. hope to announce an opening date soon, so get ready for a new neighborhood watering hole in the Gold Coast at 12 W. Elm St.

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