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Lo Rez Brewing Adding a New Brewery and Taproom to Pilsen

Brewers will focus on malty Belgian beer when taproom opens this spring.

The site of Lo Rez Brewing
The site of Lo Rez Brewing
Lo Rez Brewing
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The folks behind Lo Rez Brewing know exactly what they like: Belgian, malty beers. Unlike some trendier beers, these brews aren't overdosed with hops, and beer geeks will get a chance to it when Lo Rez opens its Pilsen brewery this spring that includes a 1,500-square-foot tasting room and party patio.

Co-founders Dave Dahl and Kevin Lilly met in the late 1990s working together at a high-tech company called Neoglyphics. They started to hang out and tip back a few pints at Bucktown's venerable and now-shuttered Artful Dodger. Dahl and Lilly share a typical story of wanting to go pro after decades of homebrewing practice, but carry the hope that their brews will stand out. After working out the financials, Dahl worked a year at Metropolitan Brewing Co., while Lilly served a stint at 5 Rabbit. They also received various certifications that bolstered their beer knowledge.

"We learned theory, we balanced that with hands-on practice," Dahl wrote. "Our beers got better, we gravitated toward drinking and making Belgians."

lo rez

Courtesy of Lo Rez Brewing

The name "Lo Rez" comes from a simple goal. They're not trying to chase the next thing or reinvent the wheel. They just want to brew a few Belgian-inspired beers for friends and family.

Expect a springtime opening for Lo Rez at 2101 S. Carpenter St. in Pilsen.