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UPDATED: Bow Truss Pilsen's Windows Covered With Anti-Gentrification Signs

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Customers take down paper Friday morning while owner ponders who put them up.

Bow Truss Pilsen
Bow Truss Pilsen

Some folks in Pilsen decided to make an example on Thursday night of Bow Truss Coffee Roasters while sharing their views on gentrification.

Customers and workers at the coffee shop woke up Friday morning to find their windows covered with cardboard construction paper signs. The signs included phrases like: "Wake up & smellllll the gentrification," and "fresh roasted gentrification served here!" Check them out here:

Bow Truss in August opened in Pilsen and owner Phil Tadros runs two other coffee shops and has plans for two more. He said some customers removed the paper Friday morning and has no leads on the vandals responsible. There was no damage to the shop and no need to file a police report, Tadros added.

Pilsen has been subject of gentrification concerns as demographics have shifted in recent years from a primary Mexican immigrant population. Folks have pondered the negative and positive effects on the community.

But what's with picking on coffee shops this week? Albeit it was somewhat canibalistic, on Thursday Homaro Cantu set up shop outside a nearby Starbucks, and now folks target a Bow Truss to vent about gentrification? Yes, there is a South Park episode on coffee shops.

What do you think? Is there truth behind the signs? Are hipster coffee beans culture's Kryptonite though gentrification? Or is this just vandalism masquerading as a political statement? Maybe this is just all dumb? Sound off in the comments.

UPDATE: As many commenters pointed out, the actions may have been motivated by the Showtime show Shameless, which is set in Chicago. An episode that aired earlier in January focused on gentrification.

Meanwhile Bow Truss owner Phil Tadros says he wished he kept the signs up and called them humorous, though in the future he'd like any interested parties to email him directly if they have questions about his business. He also has added a $1 cup of coffee in response.

Bow Truss Coffee Roasters

1641 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60608