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UPDATED: Leaving Without An Impact? Chengdu Impression Still Closed After Two Months

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Owner Ryan Hu tells Eater they plan on reopening in mid-February, in time for Chinese New Year.

Chengdu Impression
Chengdu Impression

UPDATE (Jan. 29): Ryan Hu reached out and says renovation delays have prevented the reopening. They're shooting for a Feb. 10 reopen date, which would be in time for the start of the Year of the Goat, as Chinese New Year starts on Feb. 19. Additionally he's just returned from China and has "collected a few more local Sichuan style dishes at the trip and will offer them after we re-open."

Original story follows below:

It's been more than two months since management at Lincoln Park's Chengdu Impression pinned up a sign reading that the Chinese restaurant was closed for renovations.

The sign also reads that customers should follow the restaurant's website for updates:


However, there are no updates on the website, and the last status on Chengdu Impression's Facebook page is dated back to October.

Ryan Hu opened the restaurant in 2013. Hu's uncle is Chicago restauranteur Tony Hu (Lao Sze Chuan), and the younger Hu has worked at at his uncle's restaurants. Chengdu served spicier Sichuan cuisine than the Chinese-American fare served at the restaurant it replaced in the same space (Jia's Restaurant). Chengdu Impression also impressed Reader critic Mike Sula.

We've reached out to Ryan and Tony Hu and asked them for a formal update on the future of Chengdu Impression. They haven't responded yet. Stay tuned.

Chengdu Impression 成都印象

2545 N Halsted, Chicago, IL

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