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New Name, New Menus Come to Rick Bayless' XOCO Wicker Park

Bayless is changing things up at his newer XOCO "in response to our neighborhood guests."

Marc Much

Just more than five months in and some changes are afoot at Rick Bayless' larger XOCO in Wicker Park. "In response to our neighborhood guests," Bayless writes in a statement, they're changing the name and expanding the menu to include some more typical Mexican dishes.

Now named XOCO Bistro, (Bayless says he added a word to the name to differentiate it from XOCO River North) he has also added a "classic plates" section to the menu, which you can read in full below, that includes "tried-and-true" dishes such as enchiladas, chilaquiles, ceviche, and more. The beverage menu is also changing to include more tequila and mezcal cocktails and a larger wine list. XOCO Wicker Park's alcoholic beverage program originally focused on a standout selection of local craft beers.

The original XOCO in River North is nationally renowned for its selection of addictive Mexican street food made with locally-raised ingredients—tortas, caldos, and Mexican hot chocolates. Those are still on the menu in Wicker Park.

Bayless terms the changes an "evolution." Do you agree? Weigh in in the comments.


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