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Details Emerge in The Purple Pig Partners Countersuit v. Scott Harris

Suit claims Harris was in fiscal straits and wanted to open more Purple Pig locations.

The Purple Pig
The Purple Pig
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There's plenty more juicy details in The Purple Pig legal saga, including allegations that Scott Harris offered money to employees to walk off the job.

Parties met on Monday in court for a status hearing and there's another court date on Feb. 9, reports Crain's. That same story has plenty of specifics on the counterclaim filed on Dec. 15 by the restaurant's partners against Harris.

Here's a rundown of the some of the counterclaim's allegations, courtesy of Crain's:

• Harris, who owns the Francesca's restaurant group, in 2013 defaulted on a $3.6 million bank loan and is struggling financially, the suit claimed.

• Harris allegedly forged the signature of partner Jimmy Bannos Sr. on bank documents and the Chicago police are investigating this matter.

Harris wanted to expand with new Purple Pig locations, but the partners weren't onboard, the suit claimed. He then asked for be bought out, but was again refused.

Harris offered Purple Pig employees money and salary bumps if they quit and joined his other restaurants.

The drama keeps on unfolding, and it's only Jan. 2: What's do you think will happen in the New Year?

The Purple Pig

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