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AAA Demotes Arun's, Adds Travelle To 2015 Diamonds List

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Chicago's list see a little bit of change in 2015.


AAA's list of its 2015 diamond ratings has been released and there's been a little bit of movement for Chicago. In total, Chicago now has six five-diamond (Acadia, Alinea, Everest, Grace, Sixteen and Tru) and 16 four-diamond restaurants.

Last year, the city held seven five-diamond spots, but Arun's was bumped back to four-diamond status for 2015. Arun's had received five-diamond status from 2002 until 2014.

New to the four-diamond club, Travelle joins a group that also includes Blackbird, Boka, moto, NAHA, Next, Sepia and Spiaggia. L2O was on 2014's four-diamond list, but has since closed.