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Paul McGee's Lush Lost Lake Lets Loose in Logan Tonight

Look around the acclaimed cocktailer's new spot in Logan Square.

Bamboo stools and walls. Palm trees. Souvenir glasses. It's definitely a Paul McGee tiki bar, and it opens tonight.

Lost Lake has all the hallmarks you'd expect from McGee's collaboration with Land & Sea Dept: an escape from the frigid Chicago winter into a tropical world where his acclaimed tiki drinks flow like an island stream. There are no signs or window treatments to beckon you in, but plenty of secluded booths and stools to sit on, and interesting design features to hold your gaze. There's also a new takeout Chinese-American restaurant attached next door, Thank You.

Comparing Lost Lake to Three Dots and a Dash is inevitable, and McGee's new spot has a different vibe for a different neighborhood and a different restaurant group. Yet McGee's drinks are there, beginning at 4 p.m.

Lost Lake

3154 West Diversey Avenue, , IL 60647 (773) 293-6048 Visit Website