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Next Bistro Tempts Diners With a Myriad of Upcharges

The available chalkboard substitutions can cost more than $100 apiece.

Barry Brecheisen/Next logo

If you're planning to head to Next Restaurant for the current Bistro menu, be prepared for the temptation to splurge on a myriad of available upcharges.

Michael Gebert sheds light on the many options for extra spending at the latest Next iteration in The Reader today, and it turns out that the chalkboard substitutions for the Parisian-inspired menu includes options that range from a $7 upcharge for a bibb salad to $130 for a "Grand Plateaux" (shellfish, cured fish, traditional sauces) for two.

When Next announced its 2015 menus, one of the most interesting facets were that two of this year's themes were more affordable than years past. It turns out that Bistro is only more affordable if you stick to the set six-course menu, however, although it'll be interesting to see how many customers actually mind.

Next Restaurant

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