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Longtime Old Town Staple Dinotto to Relocate, Focus on Quick-Fired Neopolitan Pizza

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Throughout 25 years and two incarnations, Dinotto Ristorante on North Avenue has dished out Italian-American staples to the Old Town residents and theater crowd. In less than two weeks, Dinotto will embark on a third incarnation—at a different location.

Dinotto Ristorante, originally Trattoria Dinotto when it opened in 1989, will close on September 21 due to failed lease negotiations and relocate around the corner to Wells Street. Planning to open in mid-October, the new location will be a little different, focusing on quick-fired Neopolitan pizzas from a 1000-degree oven imported from Naples.

Longtime chef/owner Dino Lubbat says he recently became a certified pizzaiolo from the Association of Authentic Neapolitan Pizza and will crank out charred pies in 90 seconds utilizing hand-crushed San Marzano tomatoes and house-made mozzarella. Charcuterie, antipasti, pasta, wine and craft beer will also be on the menu.

Lubbat describes the new space's design as "modern Italian" and will incorporate stone, brick, and "modern materials with a hint of tradition." Formerly the wine spot Flight 1551, the location seats around 60-70.

Lubbat is both excited for the new spot and wistful about the original that's closing in 12 days. "Lots of memories were made and we hope to make a lot more happy, filling memories with our next baby."
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Dinotto Pizzeria

1551 N. Wells St., Chicago, IL