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Spike Mendelsohn Targeting Winter Opening for Good Stuff Eatery in the Loop

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Keep an eye on 22 S. Wabash.

Good Stuff Eatery Crystal City
Good Stuff Eatery Crystal City
Good Stuff Eatery

Fresh off of Spike Mendelsohn's win at this past weekend's Hamburger Hop comes word of an address and tentative opening time frame for the Chicago location of his Good Stuff Eatery. Resting at 22 S. Wabash Ave. in The Loop, representatives insist the space will open in winter of this year as opposed to late November.

Mendelsohn cites strong ties to Chicago (competing on "Top Chef," his sister attended Northwestern, his parents bringing the family to town for restaurant conventions) and the strong culinary scene as the main factors for opening here. He plans on spending at least three months off and on in Chicago to get the restaurant up and running.

Though he and his family won't be able to keep as close an eye on things like they do at their other locations (Washington D.C. and its suburbs; Philadelphia), he is emphatic that they have a lot of control on how things are run.

As for what will make Chicago's Good Stuff Eatery unique, Mendelsohn says that the city itself will tie into the location's design and that, ultimately, "customers will give it its identity." An opening menu is not set, but expect twists on Chicago classics in addition to tried-and-true items from other locations' menus.

The burgeoning restaurateur is surprised by the path life has provided him. "Top Chef threw a wrench in my plans to open a 3-star restaurant," Mendelson says. But he's found contentment now that he gets to spend time with his family while still being involved in his chosen profession.

Look for more information on Good Stuff Eatery leading up to the opening. In the meantime, you can catch Mendelsohn on his new TV show, "Midnight Feast," premiering October 16 on FYI.