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Fatso's Last Stand Owners Set to Take Over Hot Doug's Space

Will they serve hot dogs in the home of Hot Doug's?

Marc Much/Facebook

Will another of Chicago's best hot doing joints replace the most famous hot dog joint in Chicago's history? The Tribune is reporting, nestled in an interview, that Doug Sohn revealed that the people behind Fatso's Last Stand and The Lockdown will take over the Hot Doug's space after Sohn vacates the storefront at the end of the month. Hot Doug's is closing on Friday, in case you missed the lines that may be visible from space.

There's no word yet on the specific concept for the space, but chances are that it will feature something casual and American. Fatso's (formerly Phil's Last Stand) sells some of the best-regarded hot dogs in the city alongside other Chicago greasy staples, and Lockdown, while also featuring a full bar and full service, is best known for its burgers.

Eater reached out to Fatso's and Lockdown ownership—stay tuned for more details.

Hot Doug's

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