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Behold the Geeky Things You Can Eat at Geek Bar Beta, Opening Friday in Wicker Park

You can try geeky and modernist dishes like "Green Lanterns" and "Dagobah Fog."


On Friday, geeks of Chicago will finally be able to sample Geek Bar's food, drinks and a slice of its atmosphere on a regular basis when the "Geek Bar Beta" extended popup launches in the Storefront Company space in Wicker Park. And although the consumables will frequently change, often weekly, the initial menu is ready to go.

Employing names with geeky themes, the first menu features five small plates, five large plates, and two desserts. Chef Tom Kern (BadHappy Poutine Shop) is getting creative and sometimes progressive, rolling out dishes including "Gold Coins" (goat cheese fritters, chickpea relish, eggplant puree); "Ugly Little Spuds" (ricotta gnocchi, torn chicken thigh, peas and carrots, leeks, pancetta-parmesan broth); smoked corn custard in a candy shell ("Crop Circles"); and "Green Lanterns" (roasted cauliflower and tofu, chimichurri, cauliflower and truffle puree, liquid pine nut).

Look for daily specials, themed cocktails, the majority of the food items, and brunch to make appearances over the next two months. Read the initial menu below.

Storefront Company

1941 W North Avenue, Chicago, IL 60640