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Goose Island Wrigleyville to Shutter After 15 Years

You have until Monday to visit one last time.


After pouring beer steps from Wrigley Field for 15 years, the Goose Island Wrigleyville Brewpub is shuttering after service on Monday. Owner John Hall cites a lease dispute with his landlord, who had him on a month-to-month since March, for the decision. The Tribune first reported this story.

Hall says he wanted assurance that the brewpub could stay at least through the 2015 Cubs season but his landlord, Midway Holdings, which owns much of the real estate near Wrigley, wouldn't budge. He believes they have plans of their own for the building.

"They've been talking about a project (for the space) for some time," he says. That project, according to Hall, is a multi-unit apartment, retail, and parking lot development.

If you want Goose Island beer in Wrigleyville during baseball season, Goose Island now sells much of the beer at Wrigley Field itself. Hall also says he's thinking about a new location. "Life goes on," he says.