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DryHop's 'Crowler' Cans; Hot Doug's Cutting Off Line Very Early; More

The Lakeview brewpub will be the first in the city to offer cans-on-demand and get to Hot Doug's very early.

DryHop Brewers
DryHop Brewers
Marc Much

LAKEVIEW—DryHop Brewers will be the first in Chicago to offer "crowler" cans, a 32-ounce can version of growlers. Customers will be able to have DryHop beer, brewed on-site, canned on demand for between $6 and $12. [Tribune]

AVONDALE—Not only are the number of days left to visit Hot Doug's dwindling, the number of hours its open is drastically falling. Doug Sohn cut off the line at his beloved sausage superstore at 10:36 a.m. yesterday and 8:31 a.m. today. [Twitter]

LINCOLN SQUARE—It's been a busy first three days for Baker Miller Bakery and Millhouse, so busy that it will close at 3 p.m. for the time being to keep up with demand. Its normal closing time is 8 p.m. [Facebook]

Hot Doug's

3324 North California Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618 Visit Website

DryHop Brewers

3155 North Broadway, , IL 60657 (773) 857-3155 Visit Website