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Hot Doug's Final Days to be Immortalized in a Movie

Look for a spring 2015 release

Hot Doug's The Movie filming
Hot Doug's The Movie filming

Hot Doug's may be closing soon (October 3), but some filmmakers have descended upon the iconic Avondale sausage superstore to film its final days for posterity. Brothers Nick and Christopher Markos began shooting Hot Doug's: the Movie a few weeks back and are aiming for a spring 2015 release.

Speaking to DNAinfo, Hot Doug's owner Doug Sohn says he does not have a say in how the film turns out, but is happy that there's going to be a document of his restaurant's end.

The Markos brothers are trying to focus on what the restaurant means to the legions of customers who will wait hours on end for one of Hot Doug's special creations.

Speaking of those die-hard fans, Sohn mentions that this past Saturday some customers waited in line for nine hours to get inside. The last order was taken at 7:50 p.m. That's devotion, right there.

Hot Doug's

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