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Alderman Wants Board Room's Liquor License Revoked

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Brendan Reilly announces the third public liquor license hearing at City Hall tomorrow morning for possible revocation of the River North nightclub.

Inside the nightclub in question
Inside the nightclub in question

River North nightclub Board Room may lose its liquor license—and therefore its business—if Alderman Brendan Reilly has his way. In a newsletter to constituents over the weekend, the alderman lays into the club and announces a hearing at City Hall tomorrow at 10 a.m.

After noting numerous complaints, Reilly files the matter under "quality of life issues" and calls on the Department of Business Affairs and Chicago P.D. to "discipline these bad actors as we work to revoke their liquor licenses." Saying tomorrow morning's is the third and final public "Community Liquor License Hearing" for Board Room, he asks residents to attend as well as fill out complaint forms on their own which will be read at City Hall.

Board Room opened on Erie in 2011. Stay tuned to see how much longer it'll be around.

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