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Inside Chicago's First Umami Burger, a No-Frills World of Street Art and Plywood

The inside of the chain's first Midwest restaurant is street-wise and minimalist

[Photos: Nick Fochtman]

The time has nearly come for the long-awaited debut of Chicago's first Umami Burger. Each location's design is tailored to the neighborhood and city it inhabits, and the LA-based modern burger restaurant empire decided to represent Wicker Park with a no-frills plywood buildout decorated with street art animations.

The first thing you'll see beyond the front windows and signature neon sign is the 16-seat bar and corner turntable on the right and two-top booth seating on the opposite side. Four-top banquettes and tables live in the rear, which are somewhat secluded beyond a screen wall. The whole restaurant, opening to the public tomorrow, seats 90 people.

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