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Peek Inside the Millers' Baker Miller Bakery & Millhouse, Opening September 22

[Photos: Nick Fochtman]

A week from today, Dave and Megan Miller (Bang Bang Pie Shop) will open their highly-anticipated bakery and cafe to the public. Construction on the grain-centric Baker Miller Bakery & Millhouse is complete and the Millers are putting the finishing touches on menu development, the milling operation, and staff training.

Although the Millers originally planned for their new spot to be "a more focused pie shop," it has evolved to become much more than that—serving an array of breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes in addition to sweet and savory pies, pastries, a toast bar and other baked goods made with house-ground grains and flour milled on site. But the space is still small, with six colorful tables and a counter encompassing much of the public area inside the whitewashed 1,300 square-foot storefront.

Take a peek around the place below and visit Baker Miller Bakery & Millhouse yourself on September 22.

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