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Peek Inside Both Soho House Restaurants, Officially Opening Tonight

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[Photos: Marc Much]

Today's the day that Chicago officially lands a Soho House—or at least the Soho House restaurants. While the members-only hotel club opens on Monday, Chicken Shop, Pizza East and the Allis Lounge, all located street-side on the ground floor, will welcome the general eating and drinking public by dinnertime.

The casual restaurants flank both sides of the main Green Street entrance, across the street from Green Street Smoked Meats. Pizza East gives off a rustic vibe, with hardwood floors and cured meats on display. You'll find Chicken East, with green-checkered tile giving it more of a diner feel, on the opposite side.

Get your first look around both of the West Loop's newest trendy spots below.

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Soho House Chicago

113-125 North Green Street, , IL 60607 (312) 521-8000 Visit Website