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Rebel Bar, Marion Street Grille, and More Closings

WRIGLEYVILLE—Clark Street sports bar Rebel Bar & Grill is closing after service on Saturday night. A representative says ownership is "planning a major remodel and re-concept for the end of August." [EaterWire]

OAK PARK—19-year near-suburban fine dining mainstay Marion Street Grille is closing for good on Saturday. Owner Terry Thulis told Oak Leaves that "we're just not getting enough coming through the door." [Oak Leaves]

GOLD COAST—Fast-casual Italian spot Go Roma shuttered its 848 N. State St. location last month. [EaterWire]

EDGEWATER—Parlour, an LGBT spot on 6341 N. Clark, is closing on Sunday after four years in business. Owners Nikki Calhoun and Jennifer Murphy sound off on the many reasons for the decision to Edgeville Buzz. [Edgeville Buzz]
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[Photo: Rebel Bar & Grill]

Rebel Bar & Grill

3462 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL