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Former Elate Partner Planning Magik St. Tavern in Pilsen Artist Loft

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Photo: Jimmy Fishbein/Logo

Lacuna Artist Lofts, known for a myriad of private events and galleries, is getting a bar—with a taco cart inside and branding you probably recognize. Former Elate managing partner Luke Johnson is planning to open Magik St. Tavern in the fall, a tightly-focused drinking, eating and events spot.

The 99-seat tavern will serve a classic-focused cocktail menu and "taco-centric" dishes cooked from the cart, according to a release. Branding and decor will focus on Magikist, the defunct local rug cleaning company with the lips logo on iconic signs. Also expect a patio, a trailer that will be used as a stage for outdoor events, and theater seating in addition to the bar and tables.

Look for the lips to come back in a few months.
· Magik St. Tavern [Facebook]
· Lacuna Artist Lofts [Official Site]

Elate Restaurant

111 W Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60654 312 202 9900

Magik St. Tavern

2150 S. Canalport, Chicago, IL