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Landlord Evicts Belmont Pour House, Owner Still Hopeful

Photo: Eater Chicago

Belmont Pour House, the former Cuna Sports Lounge, is no more—at least for now. The landlord evicted the struggling bar, evident by a green notice on the door from the Cook County Deputy Sheriff, on July 29.

Despite the hard-handed action of its landlord, owner Paolo Acuna is still hopeful of reopening. "My lease ran out and we were asked to leave until negotiations are finished," Acuna says. "Talks fell apart and I'm prepared to walk away...but there's still an opportunity for both sides to meet in the middle."

Acuna, who reconcepted the bar in May 2013, cites the large space (6000 square-feet), the high rent, and the location for lack of business. He was looking for a partner to take half of the space but that hasn't worked out. "I was my spinning my wheels with rent so high," he says, "and all of the traffic was two blocks east of us."

The stretch of Belmont Avenue west of Sheffield has seen much turnover, including the recent opening of Dark Matter's Osmium Coffee Bar next door to Acuna's bar. Osmium has been the recipient of steady business since opening, however.

Acuna says he will look for another space if he's unsuccessful in negotiating with the landlord that just evicted him.
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Belmont Pour House

1113 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL