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Elizabeth's Iliana Regan Planning Toast and Pierogi Cafe

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Photo: Timothy Hiatt

The toast trend has yet to fully hit Chicago but Iliana Regan is looking to do something about that. The Elizabeth chef/owner is planning to open a casual toast and pierogi spot, the Tribune reports, but location, name and timeframe are up in the air.

Regan's concept involves using brioche in toast and doughnuts in the morning, paired with different toppings, before switching to her signature pierogis at lunch, according to the Trib. She's looking for a space in a high-traffic area.

Regan ran a cult-favorite pierogi business before opening Elizabeth, her ticketed "new gatherer" tasting menu restaurant that garnered her a Michelin star, and her pierogis have periodically been available there too. Stay tuned for updates on her new spot.
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