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Lillie's Q Chicken Shack Opens For Business Tomorrow

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Photo: Eater Chicago

If you're a fan of the smoked fried chicken at Lillie's Q and longed for an easier way to grab some, beginning tomorrow you can just stroll up to LQ Chicken Shack to satisfy those urges. Chef/owner Charlie McKenna, who began considering the idea almost a year ago, reconfigured the Lillie's Q space to get the window idea off the ground.

The LQ menu predictably focuses on the bird. Chicken comes in 3, 5 and 7 pieces, with sides including biscuits and honey butter, grits, and roasted potato salad. There's also a chicken sandwich on the menu, along with a $0.50 Kool-Aid pickle.

Though it was stated that drinks would not be available when the window was announced, you will be able to purchase half-gallons of sweet tea and limeade.

The takeout window will also be where guests will stop for their Lillie's Q pick-up orders as well. Read the menu below in anticipation of LQ Chicken Shack's opening tomorrow at 5:00 PM.

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Lillie's Q

417 North Ashland Avenue, , IL 60622 (773) 295-1270 Visit Website

LQ Chicken Shack

1856 W. North Ave., Chicago, IL