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Check Out Purity Vodka's Crafted Spirits Series

Purity Vodka's obsession with quality has led them to create a vodka far more superior to those in its category, giving some much needed attention to this otherwise snubbed spirit. And now, they've partnered with a group of Chicago tastemakers who—just like Purity Vodka—are connected by the complexity of their character and pursuit of perfection for its original series, Crafted Spirits.

First up, in the video above meet Adam Jones and learn about the philosophy behind the simple, fresh food and drink at Chicago's Silversmith Hotel, where he is the food and beverage director. Joe Farina, Corporate Chef at Rosebud Restaurant Group, shares similar sentiments with a commitment to sourcing the best ingredients possible for his dishes. Also part of the video series, Trudy Thomas—Beverage Director at Rosebud Restaurant Group—shows a unique understanding of how ingredients and spirits work together. No stranger to cocktail trends in Chicago, Miguel Lopez is known for his Prohibition-era cocktails, proudly using Purity to craft layered, complex drinks at J. Parker Hotel. See all of the tastemakers, here. >>