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The Triple Threat of Ribeye, Foie Gras and Marrow Special at Bavette's

Photo: Bavette's Bar & Boeuf

In honor of Eater's inaugural Five Days of Meat, three Chicago restaurants have created heart-stopping protein-packed special dishes and put them on their menus for just this week. Michael Woodhall, chef at Brendan Sodikoff's uber-popular steak spot Bavette's Bar & Boeuf, has put together an impressive monument of meat that the restaurant describes as "a magnificent display of carnivorous opulence."

Woodhall begins with a 28-day wet-aged bone-in ribeye that's then dry-aged for an additional 30 days. Then he places a foie gras torchon, poached in chicken stock and pressed with brandy, on top of the cooked steak; it's meant to melt and coat the hot steak "like a pâté" when cut with a knife. He finishes the dish with steak-seasoned veal marrow, on the bone, sliced length-wise, with house-made béarnaise sauce on the side.

"We wanted to keep the focus on the things that we already do well," Woodhall says. "These are three of our most decadent offerings all combined into one over-the-top dish."

It's on the Bavette's menu all this week for $76.

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