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The Italian Beef Sandwich at Al's Beef

Photo: Jason Little

While iconic local chain Al's Beef has expanded from the original in Little Italy to 15 locations—including recently-opened spots in Western locales Las Vegas and Chino, CA—Director of Operations Adam Bufano says that "we have not changed a thing for the last 76 years." Busy Al's Beef locations make anywhere from 400-700 Italian beefs a day, buoying the the decision to make the sandwiches the same way for three-quarters of a century.

Eater National takes a long look at what goes into the Chicago sandwich classic, from the French bread from Gonnella Baking Co. to the roasted top sirloin the original location still cooks on-site, to the au jus gravy and giardiniera and/or sweet peppers.
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Al's Beef

1079 W Taylor St, Chicago, IL