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Behold the Epically Meaty 'Ultra Burger' Special at Dusek's

Photo: Dusek's

In honor of Eater's inaugural Five Days of Meat, three Chicago restaurants have created heart-stopping protein-packed special dishes and put them on their menus for just this week. The Dusek's "Ultra Burger," created by executive chef Jared Wentworth and chef de cuisine Hillary Sundberg, is meatier than any burger you've ever had.

Sundberg and Wentworth start innocently enough—with a 7 oz. patty of Slagel Family Farms beef—before unleashing an epic parade of meaty toppings and sides.

Seared foie gras comes next, followed by braised oxtail. The condiment? Rillette mayonnaise and bacon red onion marmalade. And on the side? Nothing less than poutine—with fontina fonduta and foie gras bordelaise over beef fat fries. The whole plate costs $35.

What could bring someone to create such a monumental burger with seven meats? "The inspiration came from me being bored with burgers," Wentworth explains. "I wanted to make a dish that was so over the top it made the cooks and myself smile every time someone ordered one. While not very heart-or-anything-else healthy, it's absolutely delicious."

Make yourself—and the Dusek's staff—smile and order one anytime this week.
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1227 W 18th Street, Chicago, IL