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Loosen Your Belt: It's Time For The Five Days of Meat

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Sit back, relax and loosen your belt a few notches. Because starting right now and lasting until the end of the week, all sites across the Eater Universe are unleashing our most carnivorous week yet—The Five Days of Meat. Prepare for belt-busting maps, interviews, polls, photo features, and more throughout the next five days.

But the meaty debauchery is not just limited to your computer—three of Chicago's top restaurants are celebrating the occasion by creating some of the most artery-clogging special dishes and serving them throughout the week. Head to Dusek's, Bavette's Bar & Boeuf, and Graham Elliot Bistro to taste their meaty specials.

So strap in, forget about that diet, and enjoy the protein-a-palooza that is The Five Days of Meat.