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Get Your Wonuts on a Stick; Bow Truss' Second Anniversary Party; More

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STREETERVILLE—Remember that hybrid waffle-doughnut pastry the "Wonut"? Well, Waffles Cafe is testing out a new on-a-stick version all weekend, beginning tomorrow morning. [EaterWire]

PILSEN—Stop by the new (upcoming) Bow Truss location in Pilsen tomorrow at 7 p.m. to celebrate the local coffee purveyor's second birthday. Coffee, pastries, beer, and a sneak peek of the new spot are on the docket; look for it to officially open by mid-August. RSVP here. [EaterWire]

RIVER NORTH—Four different types of whiskey flights will cost just $20 each all next week at Tortoise Club. There's a Koval flight, a Manhattan flight, a small batch bourbon flight, and a McCallan flight. [EaterWire]
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Waffles Cafe

203 E. Ohio St., Chicago, IL