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Don't Miss the Terlato Wines Secret Table


As the executive chef of TWO, Tom Van Lente showcases Midwestern ingredients in their prime. For him, it's all about seasonality, sustainability, and making everything from scratch—no walk-in cooler, can-opener, or shortcuts in his kitchen. Chef Van Lente sources the best products available from local farms, allowing them to shine by cooking them with respect and not overpowering their flavors. Born into a family passionate about both food and business, Chef Van Lente was raised to appreciate great food, wine and hospitality.

There are only a handful of invitations left for the Terlato Wines Secret Table featuring Santa Margherita and a selection of other luxury wines from Terlato in Chicago on Wednesday, August 6. Want to win a pair? "Like" Santa Margherita on Facebook and then look for clues that will unlock more information about this exclusive event.