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On The Promontory's Opening Menus, Flame is King

Photo: Nick Fochtman

Similar to the design, many dishes on The Promontory's opening menus creatively use an open flame in what partner Bruce Finkelman terms "hearth-to-table" cuisine. "We want to take it back to the simplest form of cooking," Finkelman says, explaining how the theme of nearby Promontory Point's firepits manifests itself in the restaurant's food and drink.

Officially opening tomorrow, chef Jared Wentworth utilizes the open kitchen's hearth in a variety of ways to put his twist on The Promontory's dishes, cooking items such as the romaine in the cornbread panzanella salad, grapefruit for a paloma cocktail, and a slab of feta for a starter over the flame.

The dinner menu is broken into five sections: cold, fast, embers, historic, and snacks. A grilled lamb burger with chickpea fries in the "fast" column runs $16, Wentworth deconstructs a veal osso bucco in the "historic" section for $25, and the previously-mentioned roasted feta starter costs $7.

The cocktail menu employs a creative grid. Pick your drink based on a spirit column (rum, gin, whiskey, tequila) and whether you want it carbonated, shaken or stirred; renderings of each provide visual assistance. A geographically-diverse wine list and beer round out the liquids.

Read all three menus in full below; the official opening date is tomorrow.

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The Promontory

5311 S. Lake Park Ave. W, Chicago, IL