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Ann Arbor's Cutest Shops; Shinola's Chi-Town Debut; More

Here are the latest style bites from Curbed's shopping blog, Racked Chicago.

Rock%20Paper%20Scissors-1.jpgANN ARBOR—For this week's "day tripping" feature, we're headed to Ann Arbor. Okay, so it's more of a weekend-visit type deal than a day trip (a four-hour drive is no small feat), but there's plenty of shopping, eating, and fairy-spotting to do while you're there.

BUCKTOWN—The Detroit-based company Shinola, which makes craftsmen products ranging from leather journals to bicycles and watches, is coming to Chicago. The Bucktown store will serve as a community hub, in addition to a shopping hotspot.

ROSCOE VILLAGE—We're doing a new, weekly feature called "Workout Wednesday." (Guess which day it runs on?) This week's get-fit feature highlights a new "ab rehab" program that strikes up at Helios Center for Movement tomorrow. The six-week class is suited to anyone, but is especially designed for moms.
[Photo: Rock Paper Scissors]