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Baltzley Declares TMIP Officially Over; Moving East

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It's official, Brandon Baltzley's TMIP, the farm-to-table restaurant in Michigan City, Indiana, has officially shuttered with no hope of resurrection. Baltzley posted an update to his website yesterday confirming the news of the restaurant's definite demise.

TMIP was open for only one week of service, in which time they made the announcement that they would switch from serving one lunch and one dinner service per day to serving two dinner services after August 31.

Baltzley's claims that the building department of LaPorte County, Indiana gave them the go ahead to act as a pop-up (with the caveat that a few tasks be completed such as steps leading into the establishment) were confirmed this morning by Building Commissioner Annemarie Polan. But as previously reported, the health department had a different take on the matter.

There was brief talk of forming a Kickstarter campaign to help cover the necessary work after the shutdown. During that period, Baltzley lashed out via social media about the government and about comments on news stories.

Then there was the below tweet sent out that they had made the decision to concentrate on the farm aspect and discard the restaurant completely.

Now all of that is over, according to the statement Baltzley posted yesterday. Investment opportunities have run dry, he states, and they came to the realization that getting the restaurant compliant to federal, state and local standards is now "impossible." Baltzley makes claims of hosting fundraisers to relocate members of the staff and that he will head east for "quieter endeavors."

The farm, which has been successfully up-and-running for awhile now, will continue to operate (at least for the time being).

All in all, a sad and all too brief end for a restaurant—and a chef—that many saw great promise in.
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Brandon Baltzley [Photo: Nick Fochtman]


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