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Toasty Cheese Truck Owner Hoping to Open Suburban Food Truck Commissary in October

Photo: Facebook

The man behind the Toasty Cheese food truck is planning a 37,000 square-foot facility in Schaumburg that will offer suburban food trucks a place to park, store, prep, load, and conduct business. The targeted opening date is October 1.

Black Star Kitchen and Commissary will have space to park 40 food trucks inside and another 20 spaces outdoors. 15 trucks have already signed up for a space, according to director of operations Greg Barnhart, who is keeping the exact location under wraps.

"The food truck scene is definitely growing in the suburbs and we have seen a big change in the last six months especially," says Barnhart. "When we started there were just a few trucks spread out throughout the suburbs and none of them really worked together."

Like a co-working space for food truck owners, the commissary will save trucks owners time and money by organizing cleaning and trash services as well as grease disposal, which is recycled into bio-fuel. They've also negotiated co-ops with food suppliers so food trucks of all size can have food and supplies delivered to the commissary.

Food truck owners, chefs, and catering companies can take advantage of a 5,000 square-foot commercial kitchen. Walk-in refrigerators, freezing units, and dry storage will also be available. For those looking to get some paperwork done while the truck is loaded up for the day, wi-fi and desks will be available in a small office area.

Black Star Kitchens and Commissary will not be open to the public but Barnhart mentioned there have been some discussions on opening a sandwich pick-up window. The Garage, a food truck commissary and eatery from Salsa Truck owner Dan Salls, opened in the city's West Loop about a year ago.
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—Aubre Andrus