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CS Says 42 Grams is a Dazzling Experience; Nagrant Tries All the Bacon at Kaiser Tiger

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42 Grams
42 Grams
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42 Grams continues to dazzle critics with its inventive courses. Lisa Shames has the pleasure of starting the meal with a floral arrangement of crispy snacks that serve as a "palate awakener" before moving onto a soup of whey and chanterelle mushroom puree served with a duo of delicious crispy cheese curds.

There's also a "stunning" salad of cucumber, colorful edible flowers and drizzle of prawn reduction, while a "perfectly sous-vide-cooked" egg yolk in the "grain and seed" course shows off the molecular gastronomy skills. "Outstanding" Miyazaki wagyu is made even better by a bone marrow and beef tendon powder, and a pecorino cracker for dessert is akin to a "sophisticated Cheeto." [CS]

At Kaiser Tiger, bacon doesn't necessarily make everything better, according to Michael Nagrant. Bacon grenades—deep-fried bacon-wrapped spicy beef and pork meatballs—are "dense and crumbly, like a Long John Silver's hush puppy that had been tanning under a heat lamp for far too long." A slice of The Bomb, a reinvented meatloaf, is topped with barbecue sauce and veggies, which offer a "nice contrast to the rich fire and sweetness of the meat." You can complement it with "excellent" house-cut Belgian frites that come with a side of dipping sauce. Last but not least, the sausages are "incredibly juicy with snappy casings," and the chicken muchacho tastes like a "spicy margarita/green chili taco meal in encased meat form." [RedEye]

Kaiser Tiger

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42 grams

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